Learn how to develop a simple application for visualizing and analyzing the BitClout social network using Memgraph, Python, and use D3.js.

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BitClout is a new decentralized social network that lets you speculate on (the worth of) people and posts with real money. It’s built from the ground up as its own custom blockchain. Its architecture is similar to Bitcoin’s, except that it supports complex social network models like posts, profiles, follows…

Learn how to extend the Cypher query language by implementing a few simple custom procedures to load and export data in JSON format using Memgraph MAGE and Python.

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Oftentimes you find yourself unable to come up with the perfect query that fits the problem at hand. Every query language has its disadvantages and Cypher is no exception. But thankfully, there is always the option of writing your own custom procedures.

Memgraph introduces the concept of query modules which…

Hands-on Tutorials

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When you think about a web application, a graph database doesn’t usually spring to mind. Instead, most people just take the familiar route of using an SQL database to store information. While this is perfectly acceptable for most use cases there are sometimes those that would see tremendous benefits by…

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Developer Relations Engineer and Computer science graduate. I am also a nerd about network science, web development, and anime!

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